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In Development


Director / Writer

Short film / NTR Kort! funding scheme
Produced by / IJswater Films
13 min

When there is a break-in in her home, interior buyer Helen (38) is in shock.

She secretly mourns for her lost belongings with which she had intimate relationships. With this theft, she discovers that she has lost a part of herself that is not easy to replace. When she invites her friends over for an evening re-decorating her house, her detachment of her surrounding leads to a lurid finale.









Producers / Marc Bary & Steven Rubinstein Malamud


Starring / Georgina Verbaan,

Mahfoud Mokkadem, Jasmine Sendar, Koen Wouterse, Tomer Pawlicki

Casting / Suzanne Groen

Line producer / Thom Arends

Production manager / Jasper Pol

First AD / Anna van Schijndel

Director of photography / Sam du Pon

Editor / Nina Graafland

Production design / Tim Balk

Art director / Emma Eberlijn

Sound / Daimo da Costa

Sound design / Jacob Oostra

Music / Pyke Pasman

Wardrobe / Mariëlla Kallenberg

Hair & make-up / Yvette van Luijk

Film festival selections a.o.:

  • Palmsprings Shortfest 2020, United States, competition for best international short (oscar-qualifying)

  • Raindance Film Festival 2020, United Kingdom, official selection as part of the Gone Astray program (oscar-qualifying)

  • SESIFF 2020, Seoul International Extreme Short Image & Film Festival, Republic of Korea, International competition Won: Award for Best International Short

  • NewFilmmakers Los Angeles in collaboration with The Academy, part of dec '20 showcase

  • TISFF 2020, Thessaloniki International Short Film Festival, Greece, Official selection

  • Rabat International Author Film Festival 2020, Morocco, Official selection

  • Fickin' International Film Festival Kinshasa 2020, Congo, Official selection

  • Pune Short Film Festival 2020, India, Official selection

  • Leiden International Film Festival 2020, the Netherlands, official selection

  • Hidalgo Film Fest 2020, Mexico, official selection

  • Festival Internacional Signos Da Noite 2020, Portugal, official selection

  • Moscow Shorts 2020, Russia, official selection

  • Usak International Film Festival 2020, Turkey, official selection

  • Flickers Rhode Island International Film Festival 2021, United States, official selection (oscar-qualifying)

  • Planos Film Fest 2021, Portugal, official selection Won: award for best production design

  • Rapid Lion, International Film Festival of South Africa 2021, South Africa, official selection

  • Stockholm Independent Film Festival 2021, Sweden, official selection

  • International Filmmaker Festival of New York 2021, United States, Won: Award for Best International Short

  • Torino Underground Cinefest 2021, Italy, official selection

  • Athens International Film and Video Festival 2021, United States, official selection (oscar-qualifying)

  • Still Voices short film festival 2021, Ireland, official selection

  •  L’Europe autour de l’Europe 2021, France, official selection

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Stuff still Georgina Verbaan Malu Jansse
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Stuff still Malu Janssen Georgina Verbaa
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