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Malu Janssen is a filmmaker and screenwriter based in Amsterdam.

Malu Janssen (1989) studied theater and film studies at Utrecht University before entering the Netherlands Film Academy where she graduated in 2016.


Her graduation film EIGEN and short STUFF have been part of the competitions at festivals like Winterthur, Palm Springs Shortfest and Raindance.


Currently she is cowriting her first feature film Rot (The Dumped),  about a pregnant girl traveling the underground waste dump she was born in, in search for a better life. Rot was presented at the Cinemart of IFFR.

Her new short Barlebas, a period drama about the witchunts in the south of the Netherlands  is currently in post-production.


Malu aspires to make films that present us a mirror and likes both realism and surrealism in order to explore the ways of people.

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